[NA] Frozen Branch Blitz [NARAKA WEEKEND]

Welcome to Poobi's Monthly Blitz event: Frozen Branch Blitz!

This time, Poobi is holding a duo tournament highlighting the chilling pace of Justina alongside the vitalizing grace of Ziping. Who can prove themselves to not only show their understanding of the characters, but also avoid being caught by the quick zone.

Let's see which team can keep up the fast pace of this duos event in the Morus Isle and Holoroth!

There will be a total of 6 rounds of duos featuring only Ziping Ying & Juatina Gu as playable characters. Scoring will be based on the current competitive format.


Date & Time

Lobby opens at May 19th 6:30 PM EST. Game starts at 7:00 PM EST









  • $100 - First Place
  • $50 - Second Place
  • $50 - Third Place

[This event is for NA Server only.]



Sign up through Google Form.

First come first serve (may or may not prioritize previous scrim and tournament winners).


Event Details

Map: Morus, Holo, Holo, Morus, Morus, Holo

Mode: Immortal War (Justina & Ziping Only)

Max players: 60

Team:  2 Duos

Shadow Corruption: 200%

Rage Recovery: x2.0

Rebirths: 2

Matches: 6

Scoring System

Base Points + (Kills*Kill Multiplier) = Player Score